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Stress is our body's response to pressures from a situation or life event. When we encounter stress, our body is stimulated to produce stress hormones that trigger a 'flight or fight' response and activates our immune system. This response helps us to respond quickly and can be appropriate or even beneficial such as protecting us from a dangerous situation. The resulting feeling of 'pressure' can help us to get through nerve wracking or intense situations like running a marathon or completing an exam. We can then quickly return to a resting state without any negative impact on our health if the stress experienced is only short term. Many people are able to deal with a certain level of stress without any lasting effects but if stress becomes excessive and our stress response is being repeatedly activated or persists over a period of time, this can make us feel exhausted, overwhelmed and unable to cope. It can also have a  significant impact on our health and well being. Constant stress can lead to symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, muscular pain, palpitations, insomnia, irritability and tension.

Most people experience stress to some degree in modern life but everyone is affected differently by stress and some people are better able to cope with enormous amounts of pressure while others struggle with even minor levels of stress.

Some common issues that can make people feel stress include experiencing something new or unexpected like a change of job or when you feel you have little control over a situation such as financial worries or relationship instability.

​I use suggestion therapy and analytical hypnotherapy to treat stress related difficulties. Hypnotherapy can be very effective for stress by helping clients to learn simple relaxation techniques and developing better coping mechanisms for dealing stress. 

Please contact me for a free consultation if you need help due to suffering from stress.