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Professional and modern hypnotherapy service based in Liverpool covering Merseyside and surrounding areas

How can Hypnotherapy help you?

My name is Neill Havers and I am a professional Hypnotherapist. I use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes to help clients overcome various issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, lack of confidence, self-esteem, cannabis use and trauma to name a few issues. I am registered with the Hypnotherapy Association.

Do you want to reduce your weight? Have you got a fear or phobia that has been troubling you for many years that you want to get rid of? Maybe you want to quit smoking, improve your sports performance or lift your self esteem? Did you know that the subconscious mind is extremely powerful and accounts for between 90-95% of the total power of your mind and it handles everything within your body from the way we respond to stress, our eating or exercise habits and memories of past events.  

A PhD literature review carried out by Alfred J Barrios stated that after 600 sessions of psychoanalysis, client recovery rate was 38%. For behaviour therapy, 72% recovered after 22 sessions but in comparison hypnotherapy respondents showed a recovery rate of 93% after just 6 sessions.  One of the main reasons for the high recovery rates in the hypnotherapy group is because the therapy involves communicating with the subconscious part of your mind which controls many of our behaviours.


I provide two different types of hypnotherapy. The first is suggestion therapy which is one of the most common forms of hypnotherapy. Basically, the client is relaxed into a calm hypnotic state and given suggestions that will change their behaviour or how they feel in a particular situation. This type of therapy is ideal for people who want to stop smoking, manage pain, overcome minor habits or need help with child birth. Suggestion therapy can be very effective for certain issues and only usually requires a few sessions.

The second type of hypnotherapy that I offer is analytical hypnotherapy (also known as hypnoanalysis). It is a highly effective form of hypnotherapy for totally resolving various problems such as anxiety, stress, phobias, depression, insomnia, weight problems, fears, anger problems, addictions, eating disorders and sexual problems. 

Analytical hypnotherapy is one of the most successful forms of therapy available. It is fast, effective and can totally resolve problems within the subconscious mind. This approach works on the basis of identifying the underlying root cause of the problem, issue or difficulty and removing it. For every effect (symptom) there has to be a cause because it doesn't make sense that one person should suffer from panic attacks or depressed mood and the next person doesn't. What makes them different? Where did it all begin?

During a session of analytical hypnosis, therapeutic techniques such as free association and regression are used to take the client back in their mind to a past situation that may have bearing on their current issue to help the client release and deal with unresolved emotions, conflicts and anxieties. Once the underlying cause is found and addressed, the client is then able to overcome their specific problem and adapt to new healthier ways of behaving and thinking such as losing weight or overcoming a phobia.

Analytical hypnotherapy usually involves between 6-12 weekly sessions, lasting about an hour each. The analytical process exposes and extinguishes the cause and as a result the symptom is removed.

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